Forest Products Association of Canada



The Canadian forest products industry has overcome significant challenges and is now unleashing its enormous potential as a global leader in transformation and breakthrough innovation – a revolution that will result in significant economic opportunity and jobs. More and more surprising uses are being discovered for wood fibre – everything from clothing to car parts, from cosmetics to chemicals to advanced construction systems and more.

Using these “green” bio-products in some traditional consumer goods would be good for the planet as it would decrease the product’s carbon footprint and reduce overall reliance on fossil fuels. Canada is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the economic promise of these value-added eco-friendly products because of our abundant renewable forest resource. The Canadian forest products sector is poised to lead the global revolution in developing game changing technology from wood fibre by leveraging our unique innovation system of strategic partnership alignment, pooled resources, and targeted research which involves governments, industry, research bodies, academia and others.