Through programs like #TakeYourPlace, Women in Wood, the Greenest Workforce, and Free To Grow in Forestry, we are committed to building an inclusive sector, one that supports the growth of women, Indigenous Peoples, new Canadians, and youth as innovators in a growing, green economy.
The Greenest Workforce

The Greenest Workforce is an online tool designed to connect Canadians to careers in forestry. Joining Canada’s forestry sector offers a stable, green career living in some of the most beautiful parts of the country. The Greenest Workforce site also provides the resources and tools to help job seekers find the right occupation or take the next step in their journey.

Newcomers to the industry can use the Job Board to find opportunities, compare how much can be saved by living and working in a particular forestry community, and listen to the personal stories of forestry workers with a range of experiences and expertise to better understand the growth opportunities available in one of Canada’s most sustainable sectors. Current employees interested in a career change can also make use of the website’s Labour Market Information (LBI) tool, which forecasts which jobs  will be in demand in the next one to five years. If you’re interested in joining Canada’s Greenest Workforce, visit to learn more and find the right job for you.

Women in Wood

Women in Wood was created by passionate forestry workers looking to bring together women in Canada’s forestry sector. Whether they work in forestry or with wood products, live in the forestry communities or enjoy spending time in Canada’s forests, the program provides a community for women to share their experiences as they navigate a male-dominated industry. The community also provides professional networking opportunities, mentorship, and career advice for members.

As the forestry industry makes strides in the pursuit of gender equity and a diverse workforce that reflects the country and communities in which it operates, sharing the perspectives of the women who have succeeded and strengthened the industry is essential. Women in Wood provides that community for women in forestry with the support and understanding of their unique perspective as they build a successful career. To join the conversation and learn about sponsorship opportunities or upcoming events, visit


As we look toward the future of our sector, there’s more than enough room for everyone that loves our forests and wants to pursue a promising career. Whether it’s in the mills or the boardroom, forestry needs a diversity of voices to build a strong, inclusive future for the industry.

#TakeYourPlace encourages young Canadians, women, Indigenous workers and new Canadians in the forest products sector to share their stories and made a difference in their communities. These voices reflect a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, not to mention geographical location. They’ve faced great challenges and made outstanding accomplishments in their forestry careers, and are generously sharing how they’ve thrived and helped clear a path for others to feel confident and welcome in pursuing a forestry career they can be proud of. If you’re looking to pursue a rewarding career in forestry visit today.

Outland Youth Employment Program

The Outland Youth Employment Program is a national network that supplies land-based training programs for indigenous youth in high school. It began in Ontario to support economic opportunities for indigenous youth in the forestry industry, with the goal of education, recruitment and retainment. Since then, the program has expanded across Canada and grown to include partnerships with related industries.

The six-week program replicates the real-world work environment to help participants build their skill set and prepare for their career. OYEP works collaboratively with the local communities and elders to tailor programs to the needs of both youth participants and the work environment within their community. In 2019, OYEP was designated one of Canada’s Safest Employers, winning the Gold Award in the Young Worker Category, and continues to uphold the highest standard of support for the cultural and spiritual needs of participants.

Building an inclusive and collaborative workplace for the next generation of forestry workers is at the heart of FPAC’s vision for the future of forestry. The industry relies on strong relationships in the communities where we operate, and the continued growth of OYEP and additional investment from partners in the natural resources sector is a measure of success for the industry’s commitment to a diverse, inclusive workforce. To learn more about the program and how to become a partner, visit

Free to Grow in Forestry

Free to Grow in Forestry was created to support the objectives of the Gender Equity in Canada’s Forest Sector National Action Plan as a campaign specific to advancing the inclusion of women in the forestry sector. The National Action Plan and subsequent campaign were created in collaboration between the Canadian Institute of Forestry and the Centre for Social Intelligence, with strategic guidance from the National Steering Committee of forestry industry leaders. In addition to gender equality, Free to Grow in Forestry aims to advance inclusion of indigenous peoples and new Canadians at every level of the sector.

The campaign operates on three pillars of focus: building evidence-based solutions for advancement in the sector, fostering inclusivity through effective recruitment and retention, and repositioning the sector to target a more diverse workforce.

Workplace diversity is mission critical to effective business planning and solid decision making.   Canada’s forest sector is working hard to build a more inclusive workplace that welcomes the talents that women, indigenous peoples, and new Canadians bring to our sector.

FPAC has played a key role as a member of the Steering Committee in developing the campaign and supporting its critical mission and will continue to work toward a more inclusive workforce across the sector.  To learn more about the campaign and how you can help advance visit


Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT Canada) believes in a society that values and benefits from sustainably managed forests and the great outdoors. We are committed to using trees and forests as windows on the world to inspire action and grow future forest and conservation leaders. Our environmental education and professional development services, which include high-value work experiences and an industry-leading mentorship program, support youth across Canada on their green career pathways, including those in rural, Indigenous and urban communities.

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