Want to know more about our sector's commitment to sustainability or what our members are doing to support a greener, more inclusive economy? Read the latest reports from FPAC or learn more about the certifications and programs that are the backbone of our industry's commitment to Canadians.
How Canada's Forest Sector Can Support Wildfire Resilience
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Climate Change Mitigation in Canada's Forest Products Sector: Roadmap Toward Net-Zero
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Solutions to Canadas Housing Crisis are Found in the Forest
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Conservation Forestry - Careful Use of Canada's Forest Resources
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Canada is a recognized global leader when it comes to sustainably managing our forests and the ecosystems, wildlife, and communities that depend on them. Not only do our members harvest less than 1 per cent of areas designated for harvesting annually — ensuring we keep our forests as forests forever — but FPAC member companies must have third-party sustainable forest management certification – which includes commitments to reforestation, promoting wildlife habitats, biodiversity, and water protection. To learn more about our certification standards, visit today. 

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Forests are complex ecosystems and they need to be monitored and taken care of – even more so when we consider their carbon-capture potential and the critical role they will play in defining our greener future. Our sector is ready to rise to that challenge and help move Canada towards a greener tomorrow and a net-zero future. If you’re interested in joining Canada’s Greenest Workforce, visit to learn more and find the right job for you.

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Through programs like #TakeYourPlace, Women in Wood, the Greenest Workforce, and Free To Grow in Forestry, we are committed to an inclusive economy that supports the growth of women, Indigenous Peoples, new Canadians, lower-income workers and youth as leaders in a new green economy. Learn more about the programs FPAC supports today.

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