Canada's Forest Sector Announces Winners of 2023 Green Dream Internship Program

July 12, 2023

It will be a summer to remember for 15 students who have been announced as winners of Forest Products Association of Canada’s (FPAC) 2023 Green Dream Internship Program.  

The national initiative was launched in 2013 and showcases the experiences and perspectives of students who will be working in the forest sector over a six-week period – who are also receiving a $1,000 scholarship to further their education.    

Throughout the summer, each of the Green Dream Interns will develop social media content ranging from blogs and vlogs, to TikToks and Instagram stories, creating content of their choice. Some of the suggestions provided by FPAC include showcasing what they like best about their summer job in forestry, interviewing colleagues, and a ‘day in the life’ style video.

“The Green Dream Internship Program profiles the experiences of young people working in the forest sector and allows them to share their stories in a unique way,” said FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor. “Interns who participate in the program have an opportunity to provide a first-hand look at our sector, our commitment to sustainable forest management and innovation, and the work we do to support hundreds of communities across the country.”

2023 Green Dream Interns include:

• Braelen Bacon, Tolko Industries Ltd. – Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

• Aaron Wilde, Alberta Newsprint Company – Whitecourt, Alberta

• Philippe Gaudreault, Resolute Forest Products – Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec

• Alexa Fowler, Millar Western – Whitecourt, Alberta

• Aidan Dachuk, Tolko Industries Ltd. – High Level, Alberta

• Jocelyn Ertl, Resolute Forest Products – Thunder Bay, Ontario

• Brooklyn Schroeder, Millar Western – Edmonton, Alberta

• Jarod Milford, Canfor Corporation - Prince George, BC

• Million Ghebrehiwet, Tolko Industries Ltd. – Slave Lake, BC

• Marlies Ilott, Resolute Forest Products – Thunder Bay, Ontario

• Marie-Pascale Allard, Resolute Forest Products – Kenogami, Quebec

• Edmund Anthony Bates, Tolko Industries Ltd. – High Prairie, Alberta

• Annika Clark, Interfor – Adams Lake, BC

• Olivia Becher, Canfor Corporation – Vancouver BC

• Amanda Pacholczak, Resolute Forest Products – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Content generated by the 2023 Green Dream Interns will be shared online throughout the summer. Follow along with their summer adventures on FPAC’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

2023 Green Dream Interns: Biographies and Quotes

Headshots are available for download here.

Olivia Becher, Canfor Corporation – Vancouver, British Columbia

Olivia is a fourth-year student at the University of British Columbia, working towards a combined major in Business and Computer Science. Committed to enhancing her skill set outside of the classroom, she actively participates in case competitions and hackathons, attends business and technology conferences, and pursues co-op work experience. In May 2022, she joined Canfor Corporation as an IT Support Analyst Co-op at their Vancouver head office. Since January, Olivia has continued as a part-time intern while pursuing her studies. Canfor has exceeded her expectations in terms of its people, sense of community, and mentorship, providing an outstanding student experience.

Having grown up in the Lower Mainland of B.C., Olivia enjoys staying active through soccer and hiking. Panorama Ridge is one of her favorite hikes so far. She is always down to try new things and go on spontaneous adventures with friends. Another passion of hers is baking low-cholesterol desserts. Recently, Olivia started an Instagram page to share her recipes, hoping to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle. On Saturdays, she can be found volunteering with Don't Go Hungry, a food support program in New Westminster that distributes food and builds connections with the community.

“Community is the first word that comes to mind when I think about working in the forest industry in Canada. I can’t wait to share a glimpse of my experiences through the Green Dream Internship Program.”

Marlies Ilott, Resolute Forest Products – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Marlies just finished her second year of Chemical Engineering at Lakehead University where she received her Engineering Technology Diploma this past May. She will return for her third year in the fall and plans to graduate in May 2025. Marlies grew up in Kenora, ON surrounded by trees and has always enjoyed spending time outside. She loves running, swimming, hiking, and exploring new places outdoors. This summer, Marlies is working as a Chemical Engineering Student at Resolute Forest Products for a 4-month term in Thunder Bay, ON. This is her first job within the industry, and she says she feels very lucky to have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on the part our forests play in the products we consume everyday.  

“I am super excited to be a Green Dream intern this summer; I heard about the program from one of the interns last year and couldn’t miss the opportunity to apply for it. So far at Resolute, I’ve learned all about the Kraft pulping process and have the privilege of working with an amazing team of people. I can’t wait to share my experience with everyone!”

Aaron Wilde, Alberta Newsprint Company – Whitecourt, Alberta

Aaron is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Alberta. Currently, he is working as a summer student at Alberta Newsprint Company. Growing up in a smaller town, he developed a mechanical sense from using tools and fixing things. This experience inspired him to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer. It opened him up to wanting to learn more and understand how engines and different types of machinery work in our world. From his minimal experience of working in the field so far, Aaron is very happy with his decision. Throughout Aaron’s life, he also participated in many different sports such as hockey, basketball, soccer, golf, etc. Sports have been a very large part of his life, with golf being the one sport that has stuck. Aaron plays a variety of different courses around the Edmonton area, exploring the environment around him. His hometown course in Whitecourt is a forest style course, and Trestle Creek by Evansburg is built around some different bodies of water. In this way, golf allows him to visit and enjoy the environment that we all live in today. Aaron also enjoys activities such as hiking and fishing. Every single year, he visits his grandparents in Saskatchewan, and always goes out for multiple fishing trips. Spending time out in nature is a huge part of Aaron’s life and he is very thankful for those around him that inspired him to get out there and explore.  

“After all that the environment has done for me, I am happy to work in the forestry industry and give back. This program is one way that I can do that.”

Amanda Pacholczak, Resolute Forest Products – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Amanda Pacholczak is spending her first summer at Resolute Forest Products at the Thunder Bay mill as a chemical engineering summer student.  After two years at Lakehead University with two more to go, she’s excited to gain a ton of practical knowledge, get her hands dirty, and figure out what exactly chemical engineers do once they graduate. Convinced she had to work at Resolute after seeing the condenser bigger than her house in Victoria Carlyle’s Green Dream content, the scale and complexity of the mill continues to amaze her. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys honking away on her oboe and making messes with flour and paint. Her favourite tree is the jack pine.  

“I can’t wait to showcase the mill and the people who bring it to life to my community and possible talented future forest sector professionals. I was inspired to explore opportunities at the mill by a past Green Dream intern, and I hope to keep the momentum going!”

Braelen Bacon, Tolko Industries Ltd. – Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Braelen is currently in her third year of Business, Majoring in Management at the University of Saskatchewan. She grew up on a cattle farm along with her dogs and her horse. Braelen’s experience with the forest industry did not start when she began this summer position, as she grew up around it as she watched logging happening on her land and her family working in the industry long before she started. In Braelen’s spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities with friends such as camping, quadding and fishing.  

“My experience working in the forest industry is always positive and has given me new knowledge and skill I am grateful for. I am excited for the opportunity to be a Green Dream Intern and have the chance to share my experience and the knowledge I learnt from growing up and working in the forest industry.”

Marie-Pascale Allard, Resolute Forest Products – Kenogami, Quebec

Marie-Pascale is 19 years old and is working as a human resources trainee at Resolute Forest Products Kenogami mill. She is currently studying industrial relations at Laval University. Marie-Pascale is an outgoing person who likes to get moving! She is passionate about downhill skiing, running and the outdoors. She loves spending time with family, whether at the family farm, camping, or just enjoying a good meal!

Marie-Pascale chose to do her internship in the forestry sector to gain experience in an environment focused on work relations and health and safety. She is thrilled to be able to develop professionally in a forestry company with values she can identify with, such as Resolute Forest Products. Marie-Pascale is convinced that this experience will enable her to be a human resources co-advisor who stands out!

"I feel very fortunate to be able to participate in this program! It's gratifying to know that it recognizes trainees from the forestry sector."

Annika Clark, Interfor - Adams Lake, British Columbia

Annika is pursuing an Advanced Diploma at BCIT for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This is her second degree. She has lived all over British Columbia but has made Golden, BC home. Annika decided to go back to school at the age of 28 after working for many years as a Professional Biologist. When offered the opportunity to work as a GIS Intern at Interfor Adams Lake, Annika couldn’t say no. Her works days at spent analyzing and manipulating spatial data and she couldn’t be happier. The staff at Interfor have provided her with a supportive space for learning and growing her skills.  

“Forestry is so much more than just boots on the ground. I spent a lot of time as a field worker, and it is exciting to me that there are jobs in the natural resource sector that aren’t just field based. I have found a job that brings a smile to my face every day and I still get to work with trees. I can’t wait to show off the GIS side of forestry and for those that don’t know anything about GIS, get ready, it’s unbelievably cool!”  

Brooklyn Schroeder, Millar Western – Edmonton, Alberta

Brooklyn is currently working at Millar Western Forest Products in the lab. She has worked in the forestry industry for the past three summers. She can’t wait to display what she does at Millar Western, as environmental aspects of forestry are essential and intriguing. Although Brooklyn is in the lab during this internship, you can find her at all other times of the year at the University of Alberta. She is pursuing post-secondary education to become a Dental Hygienist. Funny enough, working in the lab at Millar Western helped her realize what she enjoys doing, which is something with a routine. Much like environmental testing, she often repeats most tasks daily in Dental Hygiene, yet there is always a slight change making the tasks enjoyable. Brooklyn loves going outdoors and seeing what the world has to offer and believes that as a lab technician in the forestry industry, there are many opportunities to do these things.

“Each day I am amazed at the forestry industry’s dedication and detail in maintaining environmental goals. I look forward to displaying the standards forestry has in place to protect the environment with the Green Dream Intern platform.”

Jarod Milford, Canfor Corporation - Prince George, BC

Jarod was born in St. Albert, Alberta and later moved to Sudbury, Ontario. He is in the Chemical Engineering program at Laurentian University and is set to graduate in April 2024. Prior to entering Chemical Engineering, he completed a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry at Laurentian University starting in May 2020.

Throughout his university experience, Jarod participated in the cross country and track and field teams specializing in the 10-kilometre race. During his biochemistry degree, he completed an undergraduate thesis titled “The Regulatory of H2S in Liver Cancer Stem Cell Functions”. The experimental data from this thesis contributed to a published paper in 2021 titled “The interaction of disulfiram and H2S metabolism in inhibition of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity and liver cancer cell growth” which was co-authored by his colleagues.

In September 2023 Jarod started his internship at Canfor which ends in late August 2023. He chose to work there for the opportunity it presented, as well as the chance to move out West, close to where he was born. Working at Canfor has allowed Jarod to explore a different industry from mining and gain insights into the similarities and differences between the two. His internship project has been determining the best way to recover losses from one of the sewer streams.  

“I enjoy working in forestry because I get to see the process of creating pulp and paper from wood chips for a wide range of customers. I am thrilled to be part of this program because of the opportunity to shed light on an area forestry that is relatively unknown. Being a part of this program is a unique experience that will allow me to showcase my contribution in the sector while allowing me to develop my presentation skills.”

Million Ghebrehiwet, Tolko Industries Ltd. – Slave Lake, BC

Million is a chemical engineering student at the University of Alberta. Currently working as an engineering student intern at Tolko Industries Ltd, he is exposed to Canadian forestry for the first time ever. During his time at Tolko, he learned a great deal about the rich history of Canadian forestry and its contribution to the prosperity of this country. Million believes that the Green Dream Internship program is going to take him through an incredible journey. Through this internship, he hopes to highlight the importance of sustainable practices in preserving our natural resources for future generations. As a chemical engineering student, he believes his skills and knowledge can contribute to finding innovative and environmentally friendly solutions within the forestry industry. He is eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals and work towards a greener and more sustainable future. Million is excited to embark on this journey and collaborate to promote sustainable forestry practices.

“I feel incredibly grateful and excited to be working in the forestry sector and to be part of the Green Dream Internship Program. The experience I have gained so for at Tolko Industries Athabasca Division LTD has opened my eyes to the beauty and significance of Canadian forestry. Being a part of this program Being a part of the Green Dream Internship program will allow me to further explore and appreciate the wonders of our natural world. It will provide a platform for me to not only learn about forestry practices but also actively contribute towards sustainable initiatives.”

Alexa Fowler, Millar Western – Whitecourt, Alberta

Alexa is returning for a third summer as a student operator at Millar Western. She studies Kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge but working in forestry has been one of the most rewarding opportunities for Alexa. She looks forward to her summers at the mill and hopes to pursue a career in the medical field.

“As a third-year student, I feel that I have gained an in-depth understanding of how the forestry sector in Canada operates and I have developed a personal appreciation for this industry of work. I cannot wait to share my experiences living and working in my community!“

Jocelyn Ertl, Resolute Forest Products – Thunder Bay, Ontario

Jocelyn just completed her fourth year of Chemical Engineering with Co-op at the University of Waterloo. She will return to Waterloo in the fall to complete her last year and plans to graduate May 2024. Born and raised in a small town just outside of Thunder Bay, Jocelyn is currently back home working at Resolute Forest Product’s mill as a Chemical Engineering student in the utilities department. Previously, Jocelyn has worked as a Laboratory Assistant at the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Center in Toronto. This is Jocelyn’s first job working as a member of the forestry industry and is very excited to learn the many chemical processes which go on in the mill and learn of all the ways the mill is working towards a more sustainable and greener future. Jocelyn is a member of the varsity track and field team at the University of Waterloo where she competes in the pentathlon event indoors. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for local initiatives such as coaching high school students in track and field and volunteering at the local humane society. Jocelyn also enjoys spending time with her family and her dog in Northwestern Ontario’s natural beauty while swimming in crystal clear lakes and hiking!

“So far, I have a had an amazing experience working in the forestry industry. I’ve met so many amazing and talented individuals who share a common passion for ensuring the industry has a greener tomorrow.”

Aidan Dachuk, Tolko Industries Ltd. – High Level, Alberta

Aidan was born and raised in High Level, Alberta and is currently studying at the University of Alberta, entering her third year in the Environmental and Conservation Science program. After earning her Bachelor's Degree in 2025, she plans on working somewhere in southern Alberta or British Colombia to gain work experience away from home. Aidan has always loved science, and her high school biology and chemistry courses pushed her to study environmental science. Another large contributor, however, was her upbringing. As a Cree-Metis person, Aidan was frequently exposed to the outdoors and Indigenous traditions. Her summers were spent outside, picking traditional medicines and attending ceremonies. In the fall and winter, she would join her family in trapping and hunting. These cultural practices often involve camping and spending days outside in nature, which has enhanced Aidan’s knowledge of the outdoors and encouraged her to learn more about the environment and ways to sustain its resources.

When Aidan is not studying or exploring, she enjoys staying active with hockey, karate, and skiing. She loves to play guitar and do puzzles, and is always up for a cozy movie night!

“It is exciting to work in the field with an experienced groups of foresters who continue to pass on their knowledge of the industry. This position is unlike any other because it has given me the opportunity to learn more about the environment and the industries within my hometown. I feel honoured to be a part of this program and to offer my personal experiences with Tolko Woodlands as a local student. I hope my experiences will encourage others to pursue careers here in the north.”

Edmund Anthony Bates, Tolko Industries Ltd. – High Prairie, Alberta

Edmund is a Woodlands Summer student for Tolko Industries Ltd. High Prairie division. Tolko High Prairie manufactures OSB (Oriented Strand Board) which is made primarily from Deciduous wood strands.

Working in the woodlands division, Edmund’s work as a summer student is mostly to complete harvest block layout. Before any machinery can enter an area to harvest wood, all wetlands and watercourses must be identified and mapped. Students must also note wildlife habitats such as bear dens or birds' nests and assess wood quantity and quality.

This summer Edmund has had the opportunity to see how the forestry industry is able to adapt to changes which are outside of our control. At the start of the summer when wildfires became increasingly worse, he was tasked to help with asset protection efforts in log yards to ensure log piles were not burnt. On behalf of Tolko, he also helped with relief efforts for communities that were evacuated. At one point Edmund was temporarily moved to Tolko’s OSB Mill in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan due to an increasingly severe wildfire in High Prairie’s FMA (Forest Management Area).

“Doing my part to support a sustainable industry.”

Philippe Gaudreault, Resolute Forest Products – Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec

Philippe is a Mechanical Engineering student. He believes the internship will provide him with the skills required to become a Mechanical Engineer by trade. Problem-solving, design and creation are all directly linked to the training. In this profession, there are several paths that can lead to this training. For his part, he opted for the mechanical engineering technique which has enabled him to acquire knowledge not only as a technician, but also as a future engineer. Philippe is a very resourceful person who likes to learn new things every day. He likes competitive sports, but what gives him the most pleasure is working as part of a team to achieve the desired goals. He loves the forest and recreational activities. Finally, Philippe has several ideas about what he’d like to do after his studies. He has loved mechanics ever since he was young, but what Philippe dreamt about most is the world of aircraft. Aviation mechanics has always been something he found extremely interesting as well as the world of snowmobiling.

“Since the summer of 2021, I've been working as a mechanical engineering trainee at Resolute Forest Products. I work at the Dolbeau pulp mill as a planning trainee and mechanical supervisor. My work experience includes personnel management, project management and machine shutdown planning. This has enabled me to acquire knowledge related to my current training, but also to learn more about wood processing. What's more, this work experience has shown me just how much I like this type of job and has given me the motivation to continue my progress as a mechanical engineering student. As a result, this dream internship program will enable me to express my knowledge of wood products and pass it on to other young people looking for internships in this field.”

FPAC provides a voice for Canada’s wood, pulp, paper, and wood-based bioproducts producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs. As an industry with annual revenues exceeding $73-billion, Canada’s forest products sector is one of the country’s largest employers operating in hundreds of communities, providing 205,000 direct jobs and over 600,000 indirect jobs across the country. FPAC and its members are committed to collaborating with Indigenous leaders, federal and provincial governments, labour partners, community groups, and other rightsholders and stakeholders to secure and advance the sector’s environmental, social, and economic potential for the long-term.

For more information contact:
Kerry Patterson-Baker
Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
(613) 563-1441 x 314
Follow FPAC on Twitter: @FPAC_APFC
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