December 1, 2015 OTTAWA: The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is pleased that the United Nations Climate Change Conference now underway in Paris has designated today as Forest Action Day to consider the contribution of forests and forest products to climate change solutions.

Prince Charles and others at the Paris meeting are today talking about the vital role forests play in stabilizing the global climate by sequestering the carbon dioxide that causes climate change. With more than 9% of the world’s forests, Canadian trees absorb tremendous amounts of carbon dioxide to the benefit of the entire planet.

Unlike the situation in many other countries, the deforestation rate in Canada is virtually zero, just 0.02% with any trees that are harvested regenerated by law. In 2013 alone, Canada’s managed forests absorbed 150 million tons of CO2 from the air, more than all of Canada’s emissions from cars and trucks in that same year.

“This vital role of storing carbon continues in products made from tree fibre,” says the President and CEO of FPAC, David Lindsay. “This includes traditional products such as paper but also innovative new products made from wood including car parts, green chemicals, and mass timber construction”. The net carbon benefit of building a 100,000 square foot building from wood is the equivalent of taking 1,410 cars off the road for a year.

The Canadian forest products industry has also taken a leadership role with pulp and paper mills cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 65% since 1990, and the sector has pledged to be carbon neutral across the supply chain by the end of this year. Member companies of FPAC are also working with environmentalists under the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement to find ways to best adapt to climate change including world leading sustainable forest management and building resilience in Canadian forests based on science.

FPAC has signed on to the release of the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) policy statement on climate change released in concert with Forest Action Day in Paris.

Read more about the role of Canadian forest products industry as part of the solution to climate change in an issues paper just released by the Canadian Climate Forum:



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