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We’re Doing Our Part For Our Forests And Our Families

Canadian forest companies are driven each day to provide products that Canadians can be proud of - knowing that they are sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and most importantly, are making a difference in the fight against climate change.

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Did you know?
Since the early 1990s, Canada’s forest sector has reduced its GHG emissions by close to 70%.
Whether big or small, forest products have an impact on Canadians’ lives each and every day. Be it the 230,000 Canadians we directly employ in family-supporting jobs, our globally-recognized sustainable practices that will help combat climate change, the tall-wood construction that is supporting more sustainable, resilient communities, or the new uses for wood-fibre providing green alternatives for the everyday products Canadians need, our sector is ready to lead our country, our communities and our economy towards a more sustainable, more prosperous future.
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We’re fostering sustainable, more resilient communities through the circular economy.

Our forests, and the sustainably sourced products they provide, are among the most powerful tools in our toolbox when it comes to reaching our country’s climate targets. Not only does the sustainable management of our forests ensure they retain their carbon capture potential but emerging industries turning wood chips, sawdust, and bark into bioplastics, textiles, and biofuels will create good green jobs for Canadians and are poised to reimagine the resources and products we use everyday through a greener, cleaner lens.

Building tall with wood moves the carbon-capture potential of our forests into our cities.

By continuing to modernize the National Building Code to support Tall Wood Building projects, we can transform and expand the sustainable construction of affordable housing units, seniors’ residences and schools and our communities as a whole. Mass timber construction can be completed 25% faster, can reduce carbon pollution during construction by 25% to 45%, and requires less energy to heat and cool, allowing us to build greener, more resilient communities.

Canada leads the world in the third-party forest certification. 

Canada is a recognized global leader when it comes to sustainably managing our forests and the ecosystems, wildlife, and communities that depend on them. Not only do our members harvest less than 1 per cent of areas designated for harvesting annually — ensuring we keep our forests as forests forever — but FPAC member companies must have third-party sustainable forest management certification – which includes commitments to reforestation, promoting wildlife habitats, biodiversity, and water protection.

Resources for Consumers & Citizens

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October 5, 2021
From Zero Waste to Net Zero, Canada’s Forests Are Critical to a Cleaner, Greener Future
Canada’s sustainably-managed forests and the carbon-storing wood products they provide are key to supporting Canada’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 - meeting conservation targets and creating the quality green jobs of tomorrow at the same time.
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July 15, 2021
Canadas Forest Sector Announces Winners of Annual Green Dream Internship Program
Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is pleased to announce the winners of its annual Green Dream Internship Program. Winners will blog about their work experiences in Canada’s forests and mills over the course of the summer. 
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May 12, 2021
Canada’s Forest Sector Welcomes Federal Investments That Spur Innovation and Pave the Way to a Net-Zero Future
Earlier today, Canada’s Minister for Natural Resources, the Honourable Seamus O’Regan, launched a call for proposals under the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation (IFIT) program. Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) welcomes these federal investments to help advance Canada’s forest sector bio-economy and low-emission energy future, while creating and maintaining jobs in communities across the country.
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April 22, 2021
Canada’s Forest Sector Welcomes Canada-US Collaboration on Green and Resilient Infrastructure
Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) welcomes this cross-border collaboration and is excited about the opportunity it presents for sustainably-sourced and made Canadian wood, pulp and paper, and lower carbon forest bioproducts.
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The Facts

Today almost 60% of Canada’s forest industry runs on bioenergy, and the number is growing!
By 2030, our sustainably-managed forests will have pulled the equivalent of 30 megatonnes of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere - or 13% of Canada’s commitment under the Paris Agreement
FPInnovations, one of the world’s largest forest research centres, estimates a single 100,000-square-foot wooden building is the equivalent of taking 1,400 cars off the road each year.
Since the early 1990s, Canada’s forest sector has reduced its GHG emissions by close to 70%
Canadian forestry companies harvest less than 1% of available timber per year and replant every single tree, between 400 and 600 million seedlings annually
Canada leads the world in the third-party forest certification, sustainably managing 36% of the world’s certified forest — almost three times more than any other country.

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