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Looking Back – Looking Forward: A Guest Blog by Judy Johnston

October 9, 2019 Tree Talk Blog No comments

It’s truly interesting to look back.  Working in the mill, forestry, logistics, sales, and then a Trader for 28 years – first Lumber, then OSB and now Plywood, selling into every State and Province during that time.  So, where to begin? I moved to a small lumber town as a licensed insurance adjuster.  Needless to […]

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Forestry for the Future: delivering on Canada’s bioeconomy potential

October 7, 2019 Tree Talk Blog No comments

Forest products have been a lynchpin of the Canadian economy for centuries, if not millennia. Our forests have allowed for a dynamic and resilient forest industry that is a world-leader in innovation and sustainability. Thanks to a combination of Canada’s rich forests, a drive to innovate and a commitment to creating a greener environment, our […]

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FPAC Guest Blog – Mona Chapates, Tolko #Takeyourplace

September 23, 2019 Tree Talk Blog No comments

I’ve never been asked to write a blog before, and to be honest I googled “how to write a blog” to know where to begin. I’m grateful for this opportunity to share some aspects of my journey which have been impactful in my career, in hopes that it might create a positive impact for someone […]

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Diversity: A Blueprint for our Future Forests – Blog by Dana Collins, Canadian Institute of Forestry

March 21, 2019 Tree Talk Blog No comments

Canada is a forest nation! With approximately 40% of our total area covered with forests or other wooded land, our forests play a vitally important role in supporting healthy communities. Our vast forested area that spans coast to coast supports biodiversity, provides essential ecosystem services, acts as a cornerstone of economic prosperity, provides recreational and […]

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Diversity Strategies in Action

March 8, 2019 Tree Talk Blog No comments

Message from Tanya Wick, Tolko, VP People and Services Does the diversity strategy in your workplace amount to posters in the lunchroom? I hope not. Don’t get me wrong – I believe communication has an important role to play in shifting culture and increasing diversity. But if our strategies start and finish with communication campaigns, […]

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Flushing out the Truth about our Canadian Forests

March 5, 2019 Tree Talk Blog No comments

A US-based environmental lobby group recently released a misleading report about tissue and toilet paper that takes aim at Canadian forests and forestry workers. It marks yet another attack on Canadian natural resource jobs and rural and northern towns by U.S. special interests who simply do not understand how carefully and sustainably we manage our […]

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Our Wish List for Canadian Forestry in 2019

December 21, 2018 Tree Talk Blog No comments

The debate about the future of Canada’s natural resources has dominated 2018. While our friends in the oil and gas sector have been at the centre of the discussions and protests, the challenge is being felt by all of us working in the natural resources sector – from chemistry to forestry to mining. Why is […]

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Paying Tribute to the Canadian Forestry Corps

November 9, 2018 Tree Talk Blog No comments

On November 11th, Canadians will pay tribute to the men and women who have served our country during times of conflict and honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice – in order for all of us to enjoy the freedoms we have today. What many people may not be aware of is the story of […]

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Canadian Forestry is Sustainable Forestry

November 5, 2018 Tree Talk Blog No comments

On Saturday night in Montreal, Greenpeace delivered another one of its publicity stunts in an effort to spread misinformation about forest management in Canada. Our boreal forest is a national treasure. It is a resource that we all share and one that brings real environmental, social, and economic benefits to Canada and the world. Given […]

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Canadian Forestry is Important to Our Collective Fight Against Climate Change

October 29, 2018 Tree Talk Blog No comments

The U.S. based Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) latest video on climate change and carbon emissions ignores the facts about what’s actually happening in Canada’s forests and how our forests and Canadian forest management are fighting climate change. NRDC’s video starts in a boreal bog, correctly identifying areas like bogs and peatlands that help us […]

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