Justin Veale

Justin Veale

SENIOR Manager, Communications and Digital Media

As Senior Manager, Communications and Digital Media, Justin collaborates across departments within FPAC and its membership – using the latest advancements in digital and AI technology – to raise awareness, promote education, and drive the public conversation forward around responsible forestry practices and what is required to secure a more productive, economically successful, and climate-smart future in Canada.

Playing a central role on the FPAC team, Justin oversees the organization’s digital media operations and works closely with the Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, to help lead sector-wide annual programs, strategic initiatives, and corporate partnerships from concept to delivery.

Prior to joining FPAC in January 2019, Justin founded a digital-first eCommerce brand specializing in the sale of environmentally friendly and socially responsible household products. This venture helped define his approach to digital media where he embraces agility, innovation, and data-driven decision making across his professional practice.

Justin holds a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (B. CoMS) from Carleton University in Ottawa. He was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Foundation where he served for three years before relocating to Vancouver. Always eager to delve into the economic, social, and environmental challenges and opportunities of today – Justin is driven by his vision for a stronger Canada where affordable housing, accessible healthcare, and mental health and addiction services are treated as a priority for those who call Canada home, now and for generations to come.