Forest Products Association of Canada

Sustainable Forest Management


Canada’s forests purify our air, regulate our water cycle, and provide a habitat for wildlife. The Canadian forest products industry has made giant strides in reducing its ecological footprint and is following strict environmental rules.

  • A Yale University study recognized Canada’s forestry regulations and laws as being among the most stringent in the world.
  • Canada is a global leader in forest management with more than 170 million hectares or 38% of the globe’s certified forests. Certification is an independent assessment of whether a forest company abides by progressive social and environmental practices.


Canada’s forest products industry is recognized as a global leader in the progressive management of Canada’s vast renewable forest resource. A 2014 Leger marketing survey of international customers found that the Canadian sector has the best environmental reputation in the world.

Here are just some of our environmental pluses:

  • The Canadian industry re-grows as many trees as it cuts down.
  • The Canadian pulp and paper sector has decreased its greenhouse gas emissions by about 66% since 1990.
  • Many forest companies have become energy self-sufficient, removing the need for fossil fuels. The mills are producing enough green electricity to power all of Calgary.
  • Canada has 38% of the world’s certified forests, independently assessed to follow progressive social and environmental practices.
  • Canadian forest companies are working with environmental partners to find ways to both protect the environment and retain jobs.
  • Using wood products helps “green” the environment by replacing more carbon intensive materials. Wood is also a carbon sink and helps mitigate climate change.
  • Canada recycles about 70% of its paper and cardboard, among the highest in the world.
  • Even with this impressive record, there’s more to do. The industry is committed to further reducing its environmental footprint by removing 30MT of CO annually by the year 2030