Forest Products Association of Canada

Climate Change

The Canadian forest products industry is pledging to remove 30 megatonnes of COa year by 2030 – more than 13% of the Canadian government’s emissions reduction target.

Read the full report “30 by 30” Climate Change Challenge

Canada’s forests are a truly astonishing resource. They represent 347 million hectares of forest land or 9% of the world’s forests, a vibrant green ribbon stretching from the coastal rainforests of British Columbia to the boreal forests of Newfoundland and Labrador. These vast forests are not just a globally important ecosystem but also an economic driver that helps support many Aboriginal people, while acting as one of the largest sources of employment in the country.

The entire world is grappling with the urgent need to address climate change and cut carbon emissions. This will require fresh ideas, bold changes, and extraordinary will.

The Canadian forest products industry has the determination and drive to do its part by embracing an ambitious climate change challenge.


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