Forest Products Association of Canada

Stand Tall For Forestry

Forestry has been a cornerstone of the economy in rural and northern communities since long before the birth of our country.

Today, it continues to be the lifeblood in some 600 communities across Canada.

Forestry not only brings good jobs to towns that need them, but through our world-leading forest management practices and the innovative products we make, Canada’s forest products sector is poised to do even more to fight climate change and to provide economic opportunities for rural and northern communities.


Canada’s forest sector continues to support rural and northern families

  • Canada’s forest sector is a $69 billion dollar a year industry
  • Provides 230,000 direct jobs and almost 1 million indirect jobs across the country
  • The forest sector is a key driver of Canada’s economy and contributes $21.8 billion to the GDP

Canada’s forest sector can support job growth and skills training

  • We are an industry of safety vests and lab coats and our future depends on a skilled workforce
  • Through we are proven leaders in matching job seekers and employers
  • Over 70% of Canada’s Aboriginal population is located near our operations which positions us well to provide skills training and good jobs to Aboriginal workers, close to home

Canada’s forest sector can continue to innovate, build more with wood and bring sustainable products to market

  • New uses of wood fibre are being discovered everyday – from cellulose being used in cosmetics, to lignin acting as a material for 3D printers, and many mills now powering themselves through biomass
  • Building more with wood brings real environmental and economic benefits to Canada and the world
  • Innovation is in our nature and it is the key to creating a prosperous future for our forest communities

Canada’s forest sector can continue to be leaders in the fight against climate change

  • Sustainably managed forests are a win for the environment and for the economy – Canada’s forest sector has the most third-party certified forests in the world
  • Canada’s forest products industry has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 60% since the 1990s
  • We have a unique opportunity to further reduce emissions by 30 megatonnes a year by 2030 – representing 13% of the federal government’s overall carbon reduction goal

Canada’s forest sector continues to be a world leader in exports of forest products

  • Canada’s forest sector currently exports products to 180 countries
  • Increasing trade with new and existing markets is necessary for a vibrant Canadian forest sector
  • Canada is known around the world as a trusted source of legally sourced and sustainably harvested forest products