Forest Products Association of Canada

Membership Has Its Privileges


FPAC has a strong relationship and reputation among policy makers and is widely known for its vision and leadership.
A 2012 study concluded that the value to FPAC members is estimated to average $760 million per year.


FPAC provides a premier and exclusive opportunity to network with peers and top Ottawa decision makers.

Setting policy direction for Canada’s forest products industry

FPAC has the ear of the federal government. Your company should be at this exclusive table to ensure that your priorities are addressed.

Getting results!

In today’s hyper-competitive economic climate, you need to be represented in Ottawa. FPAC addresses issues that matter to your company’s bottom line.

FPAC GETS RESULTS! They were very strategic in facilitating a resolution to a regulatory issue, which enabled LP to proceed with an expansion in Canada.

– Curt Stevens
President + CEO Louisiana Pacific
Chair, FPAC Board of Directors