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Blue Sky Award

As a part of a global initiative spearheaded by the International Council of Forest & Paper Associations (ICFPA), the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is launching a national competition targeting young researchers inviting them to develop and submit research project proposals that are exciting, innovative and environmentally leading.

About the Blue Sky Young Researchers and Innovation Award

Using the angle of innovation, the ICFPA launched the Blue Sky Young Researchers and Innovation Award in 2016. This global award aims to stimulate competition between students and young researchers exploring forest science, products using forest-based raw materials, process improvements or other innovations throughout the value chain. The award is not only focused on research and development; it is also about being innovative, inspirational and green.

Winners have the opportunity to present their projects in front of global forest products industry CEOs at the CEO Roundtable, organised by the ICFPA. Each country nominates national candidates to compete internationally after going through a national selection process. Only three students are selected every two years to receive this prestigious international reward.

The third edition of Blue Sky Award will start in 2020 and culminate in 2021 with the Award ceremony.


Additional Information

The Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Award takes place every two years and grants up to three awards to the most attractive submissions as judged by a global jury panel.

The awards will be presented at the ICFPA’s CEO Global Roundtable scheduled for Northern Australia in April 2021 (Dates and Location TBC by late 2020).

The Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Award is not only about research and development. It is about innovation and about being inspirational, interesting, and advancing the forest-based bio-economy.



Applicants must be students or other researchers under age 30, carrying out research and innovation projects relevant for forestry, forest products, and/or forest products processing technologies – with links to academia, public or private research centers, and/or corporate research and innovation departments.



Applicants are invited to submit their application containing the following documents:

  • Short CV (Maximum one page)
  • Summary of the project, including:
    • 550 words; double spacing; font Calibri 12
    • Objectives
    • Description of the project
    • Summary of Methodology
    • Expected results
    • Why is it relevant for the forest products industries
    • What makes it innovative
    • How is it fitting with the selected theme
    • Direct and indirect links to each of the UN SDGs
    • One letter of support

Applications and deadlines for national award selection will be finalized by local/regional associations, but all national decisions must be submitted to ICFPA by December 31, 2020 so we can proceed with global selection.

Please contact your national association should you require any additional information.

To apply for the Canadian Blue Sky Award, download the application form here.



National associations are expected to develop their own jury panels for judging.

These jury panels should be composed of industry representatives and respected researchers.

ICFPA will finalize details for the global jury later this fall.

Visit for the terms of reference.


For general information, please contact

To apply for the Canadian Blue Sky Award, download the application form here.

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