Forest Products Association of Canada

Bio Economy

Canada’s forest products industry is ideally positioned to excel in the new dynamic, high growth global marketplace for bio-products such as in fuels, power, plastics and value-added chemicals from biomass. Technological advances and partnerships with bio-tech companies are creating viable transformational pathways for the industry that will allow it to take advantage of the emerging bio-economy and to diversify revenues, create new jobs and foster economic independence.

The Bio-pathways analysis reported that we could create five times more jobs by integrating bio-product production into the existing forest industry, positioning Canada to serve this growing, dynamic new market.

Our global competitors are already getting on with it! Competing jurisdictions such as the US and Europe are providing massive government support to their domestic industries to accelerate their contribution to the 21st century bio-economy.
Should we fail to act, the Canadian industry is at serious risk of falling behind and losing jobs.