We’re Doing Our Part…For Our Forests and Our Families

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, Canada’s forest products industry has been hard at work delivering essential and urgently needed products that are helping Canadians weather this unprecedented crisis. We’re doing it responsibly and we’re ready to do more.
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Canada's Green Recovery

What's This About?

Our industry has played a vital part in the supply chains that produce many of the critical goods Canadians have needed to keep safe during COVID-19. Masks and gowns for the health care sector, packaging for food and pharmaceuticals,  and hygiene products like tissue and toilet paper. The pandemic has shone a light on the importance of forest products from Canada and we take our role as both environmental stewards and an essential industry seriously, responsibly harnessing the power of this renewable resource to keep our supply chains moving and providing essential products to Canadians.  

And we’re ready to do more.


As our country considers it’s post-pandemic recovery, we have an opportunity to build a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous green economy, and our sector is ready to take a leading role in that renewal.

Canada’s forest products sector is in a unique position to drive Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery while providing solutions to build an even more sustainable and lower-carbon economy: 

  • Our sector has over 140 shovel-ready projects worth over $1.5 billion that will create green, good-paying jobs to support our families and accelerate Canada’s trajectory towards a growing, green economy.
  • By investing in innovation and “Made-in-Canada” research, we can increase the utility of “leftover” wood chips, bark, branches and sawdust and become a world leader in the development of the biofuels that will reduce our dependance on fossil fuels. We can also develop  bioplastic materials that provide a more biodegradable option to the number of single-use plastics flooding our landfills and oceans. 
  • Through programs like #TakeYourPlace, Women in Wood, the Greenest Workforce, and Free To Grow in Forestry, we are committed to green and inclusive recovery that recognizes how hard this pandemic has been for young people, women, new Canadians, and lower-income workers.

Forestry Singled Out for Transformative Work

In the federal government’s report from the Economic Strategy Table, “Resources of the Future,” Canada’s forest products sector is singled out for its long-standing efforts to modernize its operations, renew its brand/marketing programs, develop breakthrough products, develop successful indigenous partnerships and ensure the sustainability of Canada’s forests and its rural and northern communities. The report specifically recognizes the contribution of Canada’s forest products sector as a job creator, a partner in addressing climate change, and a leading innovator in clean technology. 

Did You Know?

We use almost 100% of every tree we harvest, turning “wood waste” like chips, sawdust, and bark into the bioplastics, textiles, and biofuels to provide Canadians with cleaner, greener alternatives to everyday products.

Did You Know

Mass timber construction can be completed 25% faster, can reduce carbon pollution during construction by 25% to 45%, and requires less energy to heat and cool, allowing us to build greener, more resilient communities.

Did You Know?

Renowned architect Michael Green (MGA) estimates that from a carbon perspective, a single 100,000 square foot wood building would be the equivalent of taking 1410 cars off the road each year.
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