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Building Green

Today’s Wood Construction: Strong, Safe, Sophisticated

Wood construction produces housing of the highest standard: it’s easy to build, delivers economic value, and has shown resilience during earthquakes or high-wind conditions.

Now modern-day advances in wood science and building technology are further expanding the options for taller buildings made of wood. Science-based innovation has resulted in more robust products for construction to address structural design, fire safety, and building durability in these taller and larger buildings. A host of building types including schools, warehouses, offices, stores and recreational facilities are well suited to wood frame construction.

Because of these advances in wood engineering, British Columbia is already allowing   5 to 6 storey buildings made of wood. Now after years of rigorous study by technical experts, recommended changes to the 2015 Model National Building Code of Canada would offer this same mid-rise option throughout Canada.

The result –a new strong, safe and sophisticated choice for builders and architects.

Your Green and Renewable Choice for Building.

Wood is the only major building material that grows naturally and is renewable.

There is growing pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment, so building designers are increasingly being called upon to balance function and cost objectives with reduced environmental impact. Wood can help to achieve that balance.

Numerous life cycle assessment studies worldwide have shown that wood products yield clear environmental advantages over other building materials at every stage. Wood buildings can offer lower greenhouse gas emissions, less air pollution, lower volumes of solid waste and less ecological resource use.

Canadian forest companies follow responsible forest management by adhering to best management practices and respecting federal and provincial laws. It is also a requirement of FPAC members to have third-party certification of their forest practices.

Wood products have become more strong, safe and sophisticated. Recommended changes to the National Building Code are expected to allow four to six storey mid-rise buildings made of wood by 2015.

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