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Rail Transportation Key to Forest Industry’s Future Growth and Prosperity

March 17, 2015 Op Eds

by Jean Francois Larue, Chief Economist, FPAC

The forest products industry accounted for 12% of Canada’s manufacturing GDP in 2013 but, more importantly, the industry provides high paid employment across more than 200 forest dependent communities across the country.  The Industries’ sales were $58 billion including about $30 billion in exports to 180 countries across the globe.  The main destinations for those products were the United States, numerous countries in Asia, and the European Union.

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Help Wanted in that Other Resource Sector

March 4, 2015 Op Eds

By David Lindsay. President and CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada

Entering 2015 Alberta and Canada are facing some economic challenges.  While much of the debate and discussion has revolved around the price of oil, it’s fair to say that jobs and economic opportunity still exists in that other resource sector, the forest products industry.

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Canada: Still a Resource Superpower

March 4, 2015 Op Eds

By David Lindsay, President and CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada

As each day passes, our nation tries to come to grips with the economic and political impact of the rapid decline in oil prices, resulting in lower investment, layoffs and deteriorating tax revenues.

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