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Parliamentary Committees are part of the process

March 27, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

​When I speak with people about what I do at the Forest Products Association of Canada, I tend to get two, almost contradictory, reactions.

First, almost everyone is genuinely interested in the forest sector.  But I also notice another reaction.  People drift away from me at family gatherings and other social functions if I talk about the details of what we actually do to lobby for the forest industry in Ottawa.

People are interested in the forest industry; they just don’t have much interest in the process of lobbying government.

In this week’s blog I want to tell you about one example of what we do on a regular basis in Ottawa on behalf of the forest sector.  But I warn you―it is usually at this point at a party when people say to me that they have to re-fill their glass.

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History of Forest Advocacy in Canada

March 20, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

​Working on policy and advocacy for the forest sector in Canada is an interesting job.  This industry stretches from coast to coast; the issues range from economic to environmental, from international trade to innovation and technology.   There is a long history and, as a renewable resource, a promising future for the forest sector in Canada.

As the newest President of FPAC, I stand on the shoulders of the dedicated advocates who went before me.  And, like the practice of forestry itself, some of what we do today is planting seeds that will be harvested by our successors in the future.

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