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Pulp and Paper Pavilion at Expo ‘67

June 3, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

During our 100th anniversary celebration at FPAC we are having lots of fun hearing from former employees and veterans of the forest industry from across Canada.

We established a Facebook page and are encouraging people to submit photos and share stories from the past.  If you haven’t checked out the Facebook page yet, be sure to do so.  If you have some stories or photos you think would be interesting additions to our timeline, please pass them along.

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David Lindsay, CEO, FPAC

Green Dream Internship Program

May 21, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

So how do you connect with the next generation?  What do they want? How do they communicate?  Where do they get their information about jobs and how do they make decisions about careers?

The Green Dream Internship Program was design by FPAC and our member companies to raise awareness among young college and university students ― to tell them about job opportunities in the forest sector.  It was designed to connect the industry with the next generation of workers and help young people become aware and enthused about a career in the forest industry.

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May 13, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

Given some of the bad news stories about the forest industry over the previous decade, I often get quizzical looks from people when I tell them that we need to hire at least 60,000 new employees from general labourers to highly specialized engineers by the year 2020.

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Pulp Mills and Parliament Hill

May 3, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

​The offices of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) are located in downtown Ottawa just a few blocks from Parliament Hill.  Our business is to be the voice for the forest industry and represent the industry’s views to the federal government so it makes sense that we are located in Ottawa.  

Today, most Canadians do not think of the national capital as a ‘lumber town’ but in fact, the history of the Ottawa valley was, in large part, built on lumber.  While the lumber business isn’t the dominant employer in the Ottawa Valley today, there are still a number of operating saw mills and some pulp and paper production in the area.

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Forest Products and Trade Relations

April 15, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

Canada is a trading nation.  We export over $454 billion of products around the world every year and forest products make up a significant percentage of total Canadian exports.  In fact, through much of the 20th century, forest products were the dominant export from Canada.

As part of our work in Ottawa, FPAC represents the forest industry’s position on various trade issues and helps our member companies with trade concerns.  So I was both pleased and honoured to be asked to join Minister of International Trade Ed Fast at a private luncheon for the outgoing Ambassador of Japan, Kaoru Ishikawa.

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