December 4, 2015 OTTAWA: The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) agrees that a clean environment and a strong economy go hand in hand as outlined in today’s Speech from the Throne

As a representative of an industry that directly support 230,000 middle class jobs across Canada and is a world leader in sustainable forest practices, FPAC understand that economic and environmental policies are inextricably linked and cannot be viewed in isolation.

“The forest sector is well positioned to help the government move to a low carbon economy,” says David Lindsay, the President and CEO of FPAC. “Our renewable forests store carbon, and so do products made from wood fibre, including innovative new products such as car parts and green chemicals.”

As one example, higher wood frame buildings are now possible because of new engineered wood products and mass timber. A 100,000 square foot wood frame building would store 5,300 tons of CO2 and also contribute 2,100 metric tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions that would have been released from using alternative materials such as concrete. This net carbon benefit of 7,380 metric tons of CO2 in a single building is the equivalent of taking 1,410 cars off the road for a year.

Canada’s forest products industry has also taken a leadership role when it comes to the environment. Canada has 43% of the world’s independently certified forests or four times more than other country, a measure showing companies follow sustainable forest management. Canada’s pulp and paper mills have cut greenhouse gas emissions by 65% since 1990 and the forest sector is well on its way to reach its pledge to be carbon neutral. Under FPAC, the industry has also pledged to improve its environmental credentials by an additional 35% by 2020.

“The forest sector wants to work with the government to help achieve both its environmental and economic objectives”, says Lindsay. “No other industry in Canada is more committed to growing a greener tomorrow while supporting middle-class jobs.”


FPAC provides a voice for Canada’s wood, pulp, and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs. The $58-billion-a-year forest products industry represents 2% of Canada’s GDP and is one of Canada’s largest employers operating in hundreds of communities and providing 230,000 direct jobs across the country.

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