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Environmental Leadership in the Boreal

In 2010, the forest industry and environmental organizations signed the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) and established a ground-breaking partnership between forest companies and ENGOs that set a global precedent for the integration of economic and environmental values.

In the six-plus years since its launch, it has yielded numerous collaborative outcomes, including a Caribou Action Planning framework now being used to support joint planning for woodland caribou in several regions across Canada as well as progress on world-leading forest management practices across the country.

We are currently finalizing a new delivery model, in the spirit of CBFA, that will build on some of the work we’ve started and will allow us to expand the work we urgently need to do to fight climate change and to build on Canada’s world-leading reputation in how we sustainably manage our forests. We are working to be more inclusive in our approach – to involve more communities, Indigenous groups and other environmental organizations – and to do our forest science and forest management planning work in a more efficient and effective way.

This transition to a new approach to environmental leadership in the boreal forest will include continued work on world-leading ecosystem-based forestry practices, species-at-risk and protected areas, leveraging the science outcomes and decision-making frameworks that have been developed through the CBFA. Furthermore, it will allow us to more aggressively address climate change and carbon reduction through a host of research projects to achieve the forest industry’s 30 by 30 carbon reduction commitments and other initiatives potentially developed with a host of community partners.

Natural Resources Canada map of boreal forest region


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