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Collaborative Efforts toward Wetland Stewardship

September 6, 2017 Tree Talk Blog

by Christopher Smith, Head Boreal Conservation Programs, Ducks Unlimited Canada The boreal forest is a global treasure. It is the largest terrestrial ecosystem in Canada, stretching from Newfoundland to Alaska. It represents about 30 per cent of Canada and holds 75 per cent of our forest. It contains the majority of Canada’s freshwater and 85 […]

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Partnering for Caribou Conservation

August 1, 2017 Tree Talk Blog

by Dr. Laura Finnegan, fRI Research Caribou are well adapted to Canada’s boreal forest, but the danger to all specialists is change. And much change has come to caribou ranges in Alberta. Caribou habitat is criss-crossed by roads and seismic lines. New growth post-harvest and after oil and gas development draws moose, deer, and elk […]

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Collaboration for Conservation

February 27, 2017 Tree Talk Blog

By Kathy Abusow, President and CEO of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. Canada’s boreal forest is part of each of our lives every day. The boreal forest filters the air we breathe and cleans the water we drink. It provides wildlife habitat and improves our quality of life through recreation and its astounding natural beauty. […]

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Derek Nighbor, President and CEO, FPAC

FPAC CEO: Final thoughts – Reflections of an Asian trade trip Pt. 3

December 5, 2016 Tree Talk Blog

In China, the National Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) is a critical department of interest to Canada’s forest products sector. It is this Chinese government department that oversees all details related to building – including codes, working with municipalities and building infrastructure throughout the country. In understanding the power and influence of this […]

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Derek Nighbor, President and CEO, FPAC

FPAC CEO: Onto China – Reflections from an Asian trade trip Pt. 2

December 2, 2016 Tree Talk Blog

After a couple of great days of meetings in Tokyo to further build relationships with the Japanese government and consumers, our Canadian delegation’s attention shifted to the critical Chinese market – first stop, Shanghai. This is my first visit to China and I was absolutely awestruck by the sheer scale.  With some 25 million people […]

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