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Etienne Belanger, Director of Forestry, FPAC


January 23, 2014 Tree Talk Blog

Guest Blogger
Etienne Bélanger, Director of forestry, FPAC

Over the last few decades, growing recognition of Aboriginal skills and constitutionally protected interests in land and natural resources has led to an increase in Aboriginal involvement in forest management decisions.

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Feet walking on map of Canada

Giant Map makes a point of educating kids on the Boreal Forest

December 4, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

​Socks with arrows on them; it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘point your toes’.

Ellen Curtis is the Education Program Manager for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.  As part of her job, she wears socks with a big bright red arrow on the top of each foot.  Those arrows are used to point out things as she walks on a giant map.

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Alberta Forest Products Association –It’s Not Just About the Oil Patch

October 21, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

When we think about economic activity in the province of Alberta, we usually think about the oil patch. However the Alberta Forest Products Association is doing an excellent job of focusing attention on the contribution of the forest sector to that province ―something I found out while attending the AFPA’s recent conference in Jasper.

It was an excellent event with great participation from the Alberta government. Premier Redford was the keynote speaker on Thursday evening. Diana McQueen, the Minister for Environment and Sustainable Resources and five of her cabinet colleagues also participated in various sessions throughout the conference.​

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Catherine Cobden, Executive VP, FPAC


October 7, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

Guest Blogger

Catherine Cobden, Executive Vice President, FPAC

​It was an extremely proud moment to be in Stockholm to witness a Canadian, Dr. Derek Gray accept the prestigious Marcus Wallenberg prize from the King of Sweden.  The prize is an international award – often referred to as the Nobel Prize for forest industry research – that has been established to “recognize, encourage and stimulate path-breaking scientific achievements”.  

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The International Face of Forestry

September 16, 2013 Tree Talk Blog

The first sentence on our website states, “The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is the voice of Canada’s wood, pulp and paper producers nationally and internationally in government, trade, and environmental affairs.”

There are similar national organizations representing the forest sector around the world.  During my first year at FPAC, I’ve had the privilege to meet and get to know some of the leaders of the forest product associations from Japan, Brazil, the United States, Europe, and elsewhere.

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