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Open for Business

The New Face of the Forest Products Industry: A Place to Grow Your Career


This is no longer your father's forest products industry or a fading sector with its best days gone by. Instead the sun is rising on a future oriented industry, one that is green, innovative and open to the world. There's a new buzz, a new boldness and a fresh new face to the forest products industry – one with a bright future and brimming with opportunity.

The Canadian forest products industry is the most environmentally friendly resource industry on the planet. Canada has virtually zero deforestation with more original forest than anywhere in the world. The industry has dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions by 73% since 1990. It has eliminated dioxins and cut water use. By far, more of Canada's forests are independently certified than any other country. And to top it off, an industry once subject to environmental protests is now recognized globally for the landmark Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement where conservation groups and industry actually joined hands in a common cause. It's a world first. So there's no doubt Canada can brag about having the greenest and most progressive forest products industry in the world.

The industry is also undergoing an exciting new push into emerging markets. The market in the United States remains crucial. However Canadian forest companies are also deploying staff throughout the world to sell our products and capitalize on the Canadian brand as a progressive forest industry. And it's working. Forest products are now Canada's number one export to both China and India.

The Canadian forest products industry is also rapidly reinventing itself to be a significant player in the new economy and the bio-age. It's transforming itself to extract more value from every tree in the form of bio-energy, bio-chemicals and bio-products. Already wood fibre is being used in car parts, in HD television, in pharmaceuticals, clothing and much much more. And research and pilot projects are now underway at forest product companies throughout Canada to produce innovative new products. This is even being undertaken at the nano level to see how nano crystalline cellulose could be used in the likes of bone repair, film and cosmetics.


There is no doubt that the Canadian forest products industry has gone through a bad patch but the combination of our world-leading green credentials, our success in emerging markets and our innovative new products and technologies are helping ensure a vibrant future.

In fact forest companies throughout the country are looking for such employees as millwrights, engineers, foresters, electricians and machine operators. There are huge opportunities for those with the skills, knowledge and the desire to work in the sector. In fact a labour market report by the Forest Products Sector Council says the industry needs to fill as many as 130,000 jobs by 2020.

We offer not just jobs but careers. We welcome women, Aboriginals and immigrants. Come aboard and join Canada's greenest workforce. Let's build a competitive productive global industry together!

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