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The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) has prepared a series of Customer Briefing Notes to help respond to questions raised by consumers of Canadian forest products. Increasingly, customers are considering the environmental impacts of the forest products they buy, and the environmental policies and processes of their suppliers and the regions they draw resources from.

FPAC's briefing notes should provide customers with the assurances they need when making the decision to buy Canadian forest products. They are available in 7 different languages.



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FPAC_APFC Try our Cost Comparison Tool to see why #LifesBetterHere in the forest products industry: (goo.gl/scSqWl) pic.twitter.com/4UB74LXvxN
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FPAC_APFC FPAC has released an RFP: Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training goo.gl/aEQoIz
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