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In many ways the story of the forest products industry is the story of Canada; a proud past carved out of the wilderness and a promising future of innovation. Economics and engineering, history and human interest; the forest sector has something for everyone.  Through this blog I hope to share some of those stories. From the tree seedlings in the nursery to the cut lumber used to build homes; from the chemicals in individual cells of trees to the medicines and cosmetics they become, there are amazing stories of science and innovation.  The forest is a green renewable resource and the forest sector has an important contribution to make to the sustainable development of Canada and the global economy.

I hope you will become a regular reader of the President’s Blog and you will share your thoughts and engage in the dialogue about where forestry has come and where it is going. I’ll tell you what I’m thinking and I hope you will tell me what you are thinking about one of the most storied and interesting industries in the Canadian economy.

Expect Us in the Unexpected:  Taking our Innovation Message to Parliament Hill

October 27 2014

by David Lindsay, Director and CEO, FPAC ​A console from a Ford Lincoln; an Indian sari; 3D printing.  These were just some of the items made from wood fibre that we displayed at a recent reception on Parliament Hill.

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Taking Our Cue from Nature

October 07 2014

by Diane Roddy, B.Sc.F., R.P.F Coordinator, CBFA National Working Group 1 (Leading forestry practices)

Ecosystem based management is about the forest industry taking its cue from nature. 

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Canada: A World Leader at Global UN/FAO Event

September 19 2014

​Earlier this summer, I had the privilege of leading a delegation from Natural Resources Canada to attend the 22nd meeting of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Committee on Forestry (COFO).

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Reaching New Heights: Tall Wood Buildings Gaining Public Support

September 08 2014

by David Lindsay, Director and CEO, FPAC

Maybe it is because of my job at the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), but I have noticed over the past few months an increase in the number of articles about the new and creative uses of wood in construction.

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A Green Dream Success Story

August 25 2014

by Andre Knight-Lira, Forester In-Training, Daishowa Marubeni International

This is now my second summer living in Peace River and I’m glad to be back. Last summer I got an internship with Daishowa Marubeni International (DMI) by winning a contest put on by The GreenestWorkforce called  The Green Dream Internship Contest, where students interested in a career in forestry could win an internship with a forestry company.

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