While recent years have been difficult for the industry, the industry has been working aggressively to transform itself and transition towards a higher value, more economically sustainable, next generation industry.

Although the industry has been doing the heavy lifting to transform itself, our partnership with government has been critical in the development of a supportive policy framework to accelerate the industry’s transformation to power the economic recovery and sustain jobs in rural Canada. It is an exciting time for the forest products industry—it is growing and transforming under the strategic roadmap Vision2020.   When released in 2012, the Vision set three ambitious goals: to refresh the workforce with an additional 60,000 new employees; improve environmental performance by a further 35%; and generate an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new products and markets.

To track our progress, FPAC made a commitment to report publicly on the collective progress of the industry every two years. In June, 2014 FPAC released the first of these bi-annual report cards on this decade long journey: Vision2020: Pathways to Prosperity  which shows headway on all three goals between the baseline year of 2010 to 2012.

The ambitious goals of Vision2020 cannot be achieved without coordination and cooperation from many players.  In addition to the important work of individual companies, there is a role for the academic community, federal and provincial governments, communities, labour unions, environmental groups and others

In May, 2014 FPAC released Productivity Report Card: Canada’s Forest Products Industry Gets Top Grade  a summary of findings prepared for FPAC by the Centre for the Study of Living Standards , which indicates the industry has registered strong productivity improvements pre and post-recession. The future of the industry is defined by new prospects for growth as the industry moves from an established process-driven commodity industry to a nimble and green industry severing wider markets. Leveraging productivity growth by investing in innovation will help the forest products industry continue to play an important role in Canada’s economic growth and international competitiveness.

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