Forest Products Association of Canada

Climate Change Event (November, 2015)


Canada’s vast renewable forests – 10% of the world total – absorb tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases to the tremendous benefit of the entire planet. This role of sequestering or absorbing carbon continues in forest products, from traditional paper and lumber to new innovative products from car parts to green chemicals that can replace materials with a heavier carbon footprint. At the same time no other industry in Canada has done more to reduce its environmental footprint – for example pulp and paper mills have cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 65% since 1990.



On November 19th, 2015, in partnership with the Canadian Climate Forum and the Canadian Wood Council, expert panelists discussed what Canada’s forest industry is doing to mitigate and adapt to climate change as the world moves to a low carbon economy. Watch the video above for recorded footage of the whole event.


The Canadian Climate Forum mission is to disseminate and apply evidence-based climate knowledge to advance decision making for a safer and more sustainable Canada. The Forum works collaboratively with multi-stakeholders from the public and private sectors to ensure that decision/policy makers have access to the most current, innovative climate science to ensure best practices in climate related adaptation and mitigation strategies. The Forum has authored an independent issue paper on the role that the forest products industry plays in climate change. The author of this paper will be one of the guest panelists at the event. The issue paper will be available free at the event, and also from both FPAC’s and the Forum’s websites.


Catherine Clark (panel moderator) is a nationally respected broadcaster, speaker, emcee, and writer. Fluently-bilingual, she is a long-time fixture on Canadian television, having interviewed some of Canada’s most influential people on CPAC as well as doing work for CTV and Rogers TV. She now runs her own communications firm.

Dr. Steve Colombo is an emeritus research scientist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry where he addressed carbon accounting for bioenergy and forests, the vulnerability of Ontario forests to climate change, and approaches to incorporate climate change into Ontario’s forest management planning process. He is founder of EcoView. Dr. Colombo is representing the Canadian Climate Forum
Michael Green is an architect known for promoting the use of wood in the built environment. Green is author of The Case for Tall Wood Buildings and Fellow of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada, and founded his architecture firm MGA and his not for profit school DBR | Design Build Research to focus on progressive architecture, research, education and innovation.
Tim Gray is Executive Director of Environmental Defence Canada. He has focused on campaign design, conservation and land-use planning, forest policy and practices and market mechanisms for encouraging environmental protection. He previously worked with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Ivey Foundation. Gray is representing the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.



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