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Finding my roots in the forest industry

March 14, 2016 Tree Talk Blog No comments

by Shayna Mason, Registered Forester In Training, University of Alberta Graduate How is it that a person can grow up in a small city, whose economic stability is reliant on forestry, and have no idea what a forester is or what they do? I am not exactly sure how I did it but somehow I […]

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Paul Lansbergen


March 2, 2016 Tree Talk Blog No comments

By Paul Lansbergen, Acting President and CEO, FPAC So just how is Canada going to reach its ambitious goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions? Well, a group of about 20 organizations has come up with a suggestion. They have formed a Carbon First Alliance to encourage governments, be they federal, provincial or municipal, to choose […]

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Courtney Kehoe, Student at University of Ottawa

December 12, 2015: The day the world got serious about tackling climate change

January 25, 2016 Tree Talk Blog No comments

by Courtney Kehoe, MSc in Environment Sustainability Candidate, University of Ottawa When I reached out to the Forest Products Association of Canada last spring, asking if they would be willing to take a MSc in Environmental Sustainability student onto their delegation for the climate change negotiations in Paris (COP21), I never imagined how truly enriching […]

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Happy New Year!

January 4, 2016 Tree Talk Blog No comments

Happy new year to all our readers! Welcome to 2016! Our last year in blogging was a great success and we’re happy to have been able to share stories from the forest products industry with you. Some highlights of 2015 include a blog all the way from Sweden by Linda Eriksson (Forest Policy Advisor, Swedish […]

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Print this so you can understand and remember it better!

November 30, 2015 Tree Talk Blog No comments

by Phil Riebel, President, Two Sides North America Originally published by Two Sides North America: Two Sides recently released a new survey into the preferences of consumers for printed versus digital communications.  Here are our favorite results: 88% of respondents believe that they understand and can retain or use information better when they read […]

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The Voice of Canada’s Forest Industry Internationally

November 16, 2015 Tree Talk Blog No comments

by David Lindsay, President and CEO, FPAC The major focus of public policy debate in Canada these past several months has been the federal election. As the voice of the forest products industry in Canada, FPAC has been active in promoting our industry to all candidates of the three main political parties. We have communicated […]

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Linda Eriksson Headshot, Swedish Forest Industries Federation

Swedish Forest Delegation Visit to Canada

November 2, 2015 Tree Talk Blog No comments

By Linda Eriksson, Advisor – Forest Policy, Swedish Forest Industries Federation In late September we left Sweden with a delegation from the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF) and some of our member companies to visit Canada. Sweden is a very small country in comparison to Canada and we need to be aware of what is […]

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Kate Lindsay, Director of Biology, FPAC


October 13, 2015 Tree Talk Blog No comments

By Kate Lindsay, Director of Conservation Biology, Forest Products Association of Canada Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to spend time in Algonquin Park with family and friends. In my case, I was particularly fortunate (thanks to my 1-year old) to experience the early morning chorus of birds that call Canada’s forests (managed and […]

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Michelle Brownlee, Sustainable Prosperity

Exploring the links between natural capital and productivity through the lens of the Forest Products Sector

September 28, 2015 Tree Talk Blog No comments

By Michelle Brownlee, Sustainable Prosperity Sustainable Prosperity, in partnership with the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and others, recently launched a research project to explore links between productivity and natural capital.  You can learn more about the project here. This 2-year research project looks at how our environmental and economic successes are linked – […]

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